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The eastern of Hochgrubachspitze

Are you a passionate trekker fond of challenging hikes? Don’t altitude gaps frighten your brave heart and trained physique?

Then you must be interested in an excursion that we have to offer – an excellent trekking route, 23 km long and covering an altitude gap of 1720 meters. And it is waiting to be conquered by you!
The first step on the long way to be hiked over – that starts in the village of Terento/Terenten – is the mountain hut Astner Bergalm at the height of about 1630 m. Afterwards, you’ll immediately have the first steep rise to clamber. 420 meters of gradient are to be overcome before you reach the track. And it’s here that the true fun starts. A very precipitous path leads from here up to the Tiefrastenhütte – a refuge at the height of 2312 meters.
After crossing a small gate of the refuge, you proceed towards the highest peak Zwölferspitze, and mountain tops Putzen and Perntaler. Now you can heave a sigh of relief, because from this moment on, you can go downhill for a change and not just uphill all the time.
As always, the best comes at the end. In our case, it is the Monte Sommo/Sambock summit cross and the Cima del Vento/Windeck peak.
Unfortunately, this is the end of the hike and we return home on trail no. 66 and later on no. 17, passing through Falzes, a small village at 1022 m above sea level.

Precautions for a long hike:The expert hikers know well how to get ready for a long and tiring trip. But we’d like to highlight once again the extreme importance of a correct preparation. This doesn’t mean that you only have to wear a pair of good trekking shoes, but you should also have with you a sufficient amount of water and be prepared for all weather conditions. It often happens that while at the height of 100 meters it’s still hot – at the 2000-meter altitude it can already be cold.

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