Kids world at Olang – Valdaora:
A whole world only for the little ones

There is nothing that the children love more than the free play, especially if it is in the open air, in the woods, at the water. The Kids world at Olang – Valdaora, a large natural playground at the edge of the forest, not far from Hotel Kronplatz, offers the best conditions: a playground in the woods, a water world and a vast climbing area.

In the Kids world in Olang – Valdaora, you can unleash your children and watch them quietly as they climb trees, discover tree houses, hover over slopes. There is a 13-meter-long dwarf slide, the children can enjoy the water building a dam on small streams, play on the classic playground swings and slides, or play hide and seek between the trees. All of this in all safety, because all climbing facilities are secured, the water world is completely safe and there is no trace of cars.

There are also some pleasant trails leading throughout the areal of the Kids world, which extends over several hundred meters, all of them buggy-friendly. There is a WC and a diaper changing station in the areal and everything here is perfectly adapted to the small visitors.

So if you just want to relax for half a day or even a whole day, and you want to make sure your children will have fun with lots of exercise in the fresh air, the Kids world is definitely the right destination. Your children will thank you and you know: happy children, happy parents – especially on holiday a not quite unimportant argument.

From Hotel Kronplatz the Kids world Olang – Valdaora is in any case easy to reach. A short ride to Oberolang and from there a short walk of 5 minutes and you reach the playground. The Kids world is open all year, round the clock and the entrance is free.