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From Vila di Sopra to the Montone

A tiring trip but worthy of every single drop of sweat! From Perca up to the summit at a height of 2384 meters, you will get to see all kinds of scenery offered by these mountains.

Path 6 winds through the forest of fragrant scents and through green lawns, reaching the barren top with a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains. Therefore, take care to have a camera with you!

A more complicated route along the northern ridge: If you are an expert hiker and want to put your skills to a test, try out this variant of the route. You just have to conquer the summit from the northern ridge, by following path 6A. The path winds through walls of rocks, where you can keep on using fixed ropes. Immediately afterwards, take path 6 until you reach the river at 1825m. Once there, there is a route that leads back to the starting point.

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