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Earth pyramids of Plata/Platten

Small turrets, middle and high columns rise up in the air like lots of teeth.

Beside them, at a height of 1550-1750 m, numerous panels reveal the secrets of this nature magic. These are the earth pyramids of Plata, near Perca.
They are not only one of the most popular attractions of the valley, but also one of the most significant earth pyramid groups of the area.
This splendor is creation by Mother Nature, and the human-being, this time, has nothing to do with it. All started, in fact, with a landslide – without any contribution from the man. It was the natural forces in form of storms and floods that helped the process. As a result, we can now admire these incredible columns of earth, topped by stones, that defy the gravity. Depending on the time of day, that you have chosen, and the weather, the nature performance in the Val Pusteria appears in very different tones. Besides, this natural site is still evolving, and sometimes one can find newly-formed turrets and elements to admire.

The earth pyramids of Montevila, as they are also called, are a mecca for nature and sports lovers, as well as for photographers. Those, who love the environment, will find here lots of emotions and magnificent views. The pyramids are reachable from Montevila di Sopra and from Perca or Plata. In the first case, the walk will take 45 minutes, while if you choose the route passing through Plata, it will take only half an hour. The advantage of this site is that it is accessible even to unprepared visitors. Those, instead, willing to make the hike more challenging, can just lengthen the path. The pyramids are also a popular destination for families. Unfortunately, however, it is advisable to avoid using strollers, due to the extreme rockiness of the route. It’s better to be equipped with a carry sling or a baby carrier backpack.

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